The Salon Plaza Reputation Needs To Be Well-Nurtured

Picture a business woman waking up in the morning, going over her Twitter feed and coming across a fresh Salon Plaza tweet announcing an excellent 20% discount for Friday appointments. Just in time for the weekend cocktail she’s invited to! Do you think this classy, stylish woman will think twice before making that phone call and setting up a 4 o’clock appointment? The truth is social networking is no longer an optional part of our lives, rather than a component on its own. So the question that rises is how can you use social media to best promote your salon and create tighter bonds with your clients?

Understand Why You Are Present Online

This is the first step toward getting the results you are aiming for. Perceive the impact your presence is going to have on your clients and colleagues altogether and create an online appearance in front of which you can stand tall and proud. Engage as often as you can, and create that fresh and original impression everyone is looking for when going to a hair salon. Make your clients know you are updated with the latest hairstyling trends and you can help them stay on top of the new season’s influences and changes.

Use your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to post blogs and articles on the latest trends; post photos of your latest hairdos and haircuts and tell them how you will make them feel pampered and treated like queens once they will set foot inside your salon. Speaking of, make sure you keep them safe and entertained while waiting for their turn on your comfortable chair. Get in touch with and have a special security system installed that will protect both you and your clients and create that state of calm and tranquility needed when planning to get pampered.

The 24/7 Chicago Locksmiths are authorized technicians that can provide businesses, car owners, and home residents with the lock-related services they need ranging from lock repair, lock change, lock rekey, fresh lock installation, key duplicate, and anything else related. Front hair salon doors tend to be opened and closed many times a day when the business is good, hence doors and locks are prone to get warn out faster. When this occurs, do not let anything put your business on hold – get in touch with a mobile locksmith that can reach your address within 20 minutes from placing an emergency call and resume your work in no time.        

Finally, remember to use social media to talk to people, and not at them, and to promote your services, rather than your own self. Clients might want to see your daily hairdos, but they will also want to know what you can do for them.